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Theme Park Series : Hong Kong Disneyland

Adults are only kids grown up, anyway” – Walt Disney

Adulting, in one way or another, may have had taken a toll in our lives whether we’d like to admit it or not. But when you think about it we can always escape our adult lives even for just a day, thanks to the magic of theme parks and the joys they bring back to our smiles

That’s why goearlph will bring in a new series of posts for all of us who yearns for the familiar yet always refreshing day at the theme park and there’s no better way to start this off than featuring the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland greets their visitors at this gazebo by the entrance to the park.




PicsArt_07-19-10.10.45Flights. Fortunately, Philippines is just two and a half (2 1/2) hours away from Manila and there’s a multitude of flights available everyday. To check on the best price available, we check at to compare which airline offers the best rate at a time most convenient for our travel.

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on the island of Lantau, to get there just take the MTR and head on to the Disneyland Resort Station. This is the most convenient way to get there if you’re not driving a car.

PicsArt_07-19-10.16.09Park Tickets are basically standard and you can enjoy a day of magic for:

  • HK$ 589 (or PHP 3,825 current exchange rate) for people ages 12-64 years old.
  • HK$ 419 (or PHP 2,721 current exchange rate) for children 3 years old and below
  •                               HK$ 100 (or PHP 650 current exchange rate) for people ages 65

Tickets can be purchased online via Hong Kong Disneyland website or just go to the park early and line up at the counter.

At the park, no outside food or drinks are allowed. The food inside can be a bit pricey they’re all deliciously pleasing to the eyes. I have managed to bring in a bottle of water though.


Now that we’re all set for the most magical day ever, what to do, where to eat and where to go first?! Well to be honest, let’s put the pressure off and just say that no matter how little time you spend at Disneyland, you will still feel the same happiness.

There are 7 areas in Hong Kong Disneyland wherein the main attraction points to experience.


Adventureland is like a jungle in Disneyland where in you’ll hear tribal drums and cricket chirps in unison. Iba yung feel, parang feeling Amazonian explorer ka with the intricate designs of the area. It’s best to experience their show “Festival of Lion King” in the morning when there are less people on queue. It’s a good 30-min show about Simba and his friends and their adventures in Pride Rock. Best way to start the day with some Disney songs you can cheer and sing along with!

PicsArt_07-22-09.27.35Jungle River Cruise let’s you ride a boat as you join a mysterious cruise along Rivers of Adventures. Check out tribal people fighting against explorers and the wild jungle, while alligators chase your boat and volcanic rocks blast smoke and fire. It’s a sure scream getter!

Grizzly Gulch is a pleasant town wild west style! Cowboys and bears, geysers spitting up water plays, tumbleweeds by the road side, it’s a different world altogether!

PicsArt_07-22-09.27.35Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars is the wildest ride in the West! Imagine yourself riding a mine car racing your way out of a dark and bear infested mountain! Sure it’s fast, it’s wild and made me lose my sanity a bit, until the mine car started racing backwards and the animatronic bears roar on top of us. Medyo hindi ko kinaya, di na lang ako nagsalita. Nag gulay-gulayan nalang ako. haha!

Mystic Point unfortunately was closed when we got there but it says online that it’s a Mystic Manor owned by Baron Lord Henry that houses his collection of mysterious antiquities. And when Disney says mysterious antiquities, alam ko na yang mga takutan at gulatan portion na yan. Babalikan ko na lang siguro.

See my old blog’s Japan Adventure-2015 for Tower of Terror in Disneysea.

Toy Story Land is literally a big toy land! Giant- sized toys and characters from the movie The Toy Story are there to be your playground. It’s mostly aimed for  but can still be enjoyed by kids-at-heart.

PicsArt_07-22-09.27.35Toy Soldier Parachute Drop is a ride that slowly takes you up to let you enjoy a panoramic view of the park. Then drops your parachute. Then up again, then throws you down again. It’s like training for life. Kidding.

Fantasyland is the central area of the Hong Kong Disneyland in which you have to enter thru Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Fantasyland boast the traditional theme park rides like a merry-go-round, Dumbo’s ride, and tea-cup rides.

We had lunch here Banquet Hall where people can choose from western and oriental dishes.


Castle of Beauty and the Beast surrounded by fragrant red roses


Fairy Tale Forest is a garden maze that places some of the castles from the classic Disney stories. One of the main attraction herein is the meet and greet with Tinkerbell, my best friend. Haha!

Mickey and the Wondrous Book is a theatrical show about Mickey and Goofy celebrating seven of the most beloved Disney stories. Have you seen a singing showdown between Ariel, Merida and Rapunzel? Okay and yes me. Go there, sing your heart out, Olaf’s there too along with Elsa and her national anthem.

Photo by: @hirowilsonphoto from Instagram



PicsArt_07-22-09.27.35Look into the future and enjoy its rides! This year they upped the level and added the Iron Man Experience! Disney’s first Marvel themed ride simulate Iron Man help us save Hong Kong from a fleet of alien invaders.

Hyperspace Mountain rockets you to the middle of of a Star Wars galaxy in this reimagining of the classic Space Mountain- Disney Brochure

Main Street, USA

For those who want souvenirs and food, go to Main Street. For those who want to experience the magic of Disney after sunset, stay there for Disney Paint the Night Parade. I swear it’s one of a kind magic, and the song stayed with me for weeks!

Flights of Fantasy Parade starts at 4PM so make sure you get a good place to watch the Disney favorites


Disney Paint the Night Parade starts at 8PM


And speaking of night, when you can circle back to Fantasyland at around 8pm to experience the Disney in the Stars Fireworks for a spectacular light and pyro show. It ends with the castle glistening in a golden glow like a dream.


PicsArt_07-19-10.18.41*Have you heard of Klook? This is where we purchased our Disney ticket and they sell it a bit lower than regular. We got our ticket Php 400 less than the website. Make sure you book ahead of time and print out the confirmation.

*Be smart and go around the park and take Fast Pass. It’s a ticket that allows you a seat at a ride at a certain scheduled time. Once you have a fast pass, you can queue up at the fast pass lane and breeze your way past the long regular queue. Best of all it’s free!


*The souvenir items are sold in sky rocket prices, so if you want a Disney shirt or dress in a Disney style while at the park, consider buying at a local department store before going. It saved me a lot of money.

*Disneyland Cast Members (staff) give out stickers! ask for one and they will give you!

*There are clean water fountains all over so no need to buy expensive bottled water

*If you’re riding alone, take the Single Rider lane. It works just like Fast Pass.


Well that’s about it, thanks for sticking around and hope this brings you another reason to go to Disneyland again. Now go and have an adventure!




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