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I MOVE with Manulife

Ever since I became a hotel salesman, my life has been constantly mobile. I go out in the field for meetings, I go to random places where business takes me. Business aside, I also happened to be a big fan of traveling. I like going to foreign lands and seek the thrill of being in a place where I’m the stranger.
I used to go to very remote places where no mobile signal can reach and entrust my steps against steep slopes or slippery roads to the hands of a tour guide.

Then I realized, being a daredevil can kill me.

So 5 years ago, I forced my brain to adult and look myself some help regarding insurance. I know, INSURANCE sounds creepy because I grew up listening to my Papa about insurance is for accidents and death and it had a very morbid image to me, also my Papa was part of an insurance company. But if ever I’m going to continue enjoying the fruits of my hard labour, I had to be responsible and take care of myself even as I was enjoying being out.

So I got myself a policy with Manulife, it’s a very old Canadian company and they’ve been in the Philippines for so long you can see their logo in Ayala Avenue cityscape. What I did was I leave a very small part of my money (I was 25 when I started and earning measly), and pay for my insurance. It went on for 5 years and whenever I go out and think of something crazy, I tell myself…”insured naman ako eh”. Yabang ko pa nun.

I became more active joining runs, doing cardio and dancing in the gym and even jog at the park. I still have a weakness for sweets and I’m working on it. But nevertheless, there is work happening. And now that I live with my partner for 4 years, I tell him wherever I go. Para naman hindi siya nag aalala even when I’m away. I also became more mindful of my actions to prevent any unwanted accidents. So far, so good.

Now that I’m earning better, I’ve made an arrangement with my agent to make my coverage more dynamic and now not only am I insured, my money’s working on it’s own. Savings na din siya for my retirement. Yes I hate to admit it but I’m getting old too. So better be prepared while I can still work for it.

Recently Manulife took me to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia to join and represent Team Philippines for the Angkor War International Half Marathon wherein thousands of runners around the world gathered to join and donate for the kids in Angkor Wat Children’s Hospital. It was an unforgettable experience.

Team Manulife Philippines during the race kit registration
At Sofitel Siem Reap
A pre race dinner was organized for the runners and it was situated in the middle the temple ruins! How cool is that?
At the race, you will feel the energy of the crowd eager to experience an actual TEMPLE RUN!
Here I was at the gates of Angkor Thom. I can’t put into words the excitement I feel that time.
In the duration of our Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, me and my new friends are being filmed. Here’s a bts.
That’s Abeth and Melvin, we are part of Team Philippines.
I earned my first 10K medal here in Angkor Wat. That’s 1 hr 23mins. 🙂
Post race interview. Feeling celeb! Kung ano ano tuloy nasagot no.
With the Manulife Fairy Godmothers Melissa (left most) and Trina (beside me) who brought us to Siem Reap. Roy, Manulife Asia CEO was very game to strike a running pose too.

It was super fun and to think I got it just by thinking of my own welfare naman talaga. Thank you Manulife Philippines!


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