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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Boracay During Habagat Season

Boracay has been named by Conde Nast Traveler as the Best Island in the World (Outside US) based on the survey in the 2016 Readers Choice Awards beating Santorini in Greece, Mallorca in Spain, Bali in Indonesia and even our very own Palawan.

With this another recognition from a world-renowned media, it will be certain that people will start to fly back the powdery white beach of Boracay next summer. I’m sure I will!

But before the crowd settles in, why not visit the world-famous white beach this Habagat season especially if you don’t have plans on the long weekend this October 29th to November 1st. Here are some things that just might help you indulge into that long overdue beach break:

1. Affordable Flights

Habagat Season brings in more chances of rain during this time of the year so people tend to shy away and just wait for the sunny days of summer. In effect, more flights during this season are more affordable compared to summer season. We have managed to book a good deal with Philippine Airlines website at Php 5,400 per person Manila to Caticlan then back to Manila. This was booked in advance but normally we pay higher in summer season.

2. Low Peak Season Rates

Along with airfare, hotel rates are also expected to be cheaper during Habagat season. We stayed at Tides Hotel Boracay and they gave us a very affordable price, almost 50% Off from their peak season rates. The picture above was taken during breakfast which is normally packed but our stay  was relaxed because of lower occupancy. It gave us a more enjoyable experience.

Water activities are also offered at an extra special rate during this season. So take time to ask around as you will certainly get rates to your advantage. Just give out a good tip to your guides.

3. Less Crowd

Have you been in D’Mall during summer season? If you have then you probably be in agreement with me that its not the most inviting area of Boracay with it’s over crowded alleys. But here’s a picture of D’Mall just two weeks ago when we were there. It’s more walk-friendly and I was actually able to check the restaurants in there because they have tables to offer.

4. Chances of Rain

“Those who say that only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain” -Anonymous

Raindrops have a certain charm that soothes any distress. Imagine a gentle rain seen from your villa’s balcony or even as you walk under it while you playfully kick puddles of water that sparkle against the white sand. Need I say more?

5. Different Sea Experience

Yes there will be chances of rain but Boracay won’t be Boracay if you won’t get your daily dose of sunshine. What I love about Boracay beach during Habagat are the playful waves which you won’t experience in summer during which the sea is quiet and still. It’s also welcoming to know that the sea doesn’t accumulate algae compare to the hotter days of summer. You can enjoy swimming under the clearer seawater without the annoying green algae we all dislike.

Summertime in Boracay is like your first love, it’s romantic and fun. But Habagat Season in Boracay is like your true love, it has all you need for a love to last a long time.

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