Food Adventures

Go to Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza 

I nominate Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza as Pizza Heaven.


Makati City is blessed with decades-old residential villages like Salcedo and Legazpi Villages wherein one can wander and find a spot where you can sit down and experience gastronomical delights.

We were out just last night for dinner and decided to go to Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza in Tordesillas Street in Salcedo Village. It was my first time at Gino’s but I heard many good feedback about their food and their pricing. I’m very easy to please with food, its either I like it or it’s not in my preferential taste. 

Here’s what we had, get your drools on because it’s mouthwatering!

Burrata with House Salad

Make sure to eat the peanuts too, to add an extra crunchy bite. Php 410 per serving, good for two persons.

For appetizer, we had Burrata with House Salad. A quick google search and you’ll know that Burrata is a mix of mozzarella and cream served with crunchy green lettuce. What I liked about this is the gooey texture of Burrata that compliments the crunchy leaves.

Salted Egg Pasta

It’s like the Salted Egg taste is infused in the fettucine noodles. Php 225 per serving and believe me, you don’t wanna share this one!

Expect a few seconds of silence on the first forkful of pasta, totoo yan. As in. First try of Salted Egg Pasta and I was thinking how is this made? Why am I tasting the Salted Egg and yet I can’t see them? First bite is true love. Instant favorite!

Bacon and Sausage Pasta

Bits of sausage all around the plate. Php 240 per serving, good for two.

Long, flat pasta ribbons mixed in a delicious bowl of homemade sausage, bacon, cream and cheese. This is more meaty than the other pasta we had.

Four Cheese Pizza

Best serve with Gino’s spicy honey! Php 375 each.

Four Cheeses. Mozzarella. Blue Cheese. Ricotta and Parmesan. Based with Tomato. Not exactly my type, I’m more savory I guess.

Bacon Gouda

This is Christmas right in your pizza. Life is good again. Php 395 per serving.

Gino’s is now classified as pizza heaven in my book because of Bacon Gouda. I literally stopped at first bite with a delighted shock in my face and said ” Lasang Pasko!” (“Taste like Christmas!”) Goudda and Bacon go perfectly together and the fact that Gino’s pizzas don’t concentrate on thick crusts, you get to focus on the taste and quality of the food without overeating. I will definitely be back for this!

Dalandan Pitcher

Php 195 per pitcher

Drink of choice for that night is Dalandan. It’s more sweet than citrusy which is what I had in mind. It was a cool cleanser of all those meats and cheeses.

I love Gino’s! The food and the vibe just worked together for me. Siya yung kind of restaurant that can be the go-to restaurant ng barkada niyo and magpi feeling cast kayo ng Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Ganun. So if you’re reading this and you want to try Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza…

Address: Bautista Corner Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Phone Number: 02 7798192

Payment Method: Cash, Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

Hours: 10AM to 10PM

Thank you for reading!



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