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Go for an epic road trip!

“I love a good road trip. And I have been known to sing 80’s cheesy songs at the top of my lungs on a windy road where no one can hear”. – Morena Baccarin


There’s something about the heat of summer that makes us want to get on the road  and drive away to the beach, the mountains or just go back to our lola’s home. Your friends and yourself decided to embark on a new adventure and head on an epic road trip. But just when you’re enjoying your window seat and that ice cold buko shake in your hand, you tried to reach for your mobile charger to juice up your 32% battery life, you find no charger.


Good thing your best bud got an extra one. So to save you from any more inconvenience and enjoy the best of your road adventure, here’s a list of any road trips must-haves.

1. Your awesome playlist. They say every summer has a story and what better way to start a story than playing a great soundtrack! Make sure you have the songs you’ve always loved ready and sing your heart out. Here’s a cool collection of our all-time fave OPM Hits from Spotify user Loren Ramboanga.

2. Road Trip Food. Gone are the days when you need to pack a kaldero full of steamed white rice along with your mother’s tasty chicken and pork Adobo. Do you still remember how messy it was to eat in paper plates on the road? These days part of the adventure are the stop overs with the major highway gas stations being the most popular. But while on the road, bring along bags of chips, nuts, pieces of whole fruits as these are food thats are easier to eat. Low sugar drinks and water are best to keep your summer bodies fit and more importantly, hydrated.

But if you really prefer to bring your own food, I might as well suggest bring a picnic mat and have a good meal somewhere scenic. The photo above was when my friend Zayza of along with fellow adventurer Tey and myself had a nice picnic lunch by the shore of Kwebang Lampas in Quezon. The experience was something out of the ordinary because it was DIY, cheap, and most of all fun! Just please don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

get a look online and check out your nearest department store to achieve the look at a less expensive cost.

3. Your OOTD. A vacation almost invites a new outfit and with a new outfit comes a new profile picture, realistically that’s all where it leads to, at least for most people in social media. So bring along those new walking shorts matching your summer flip flops and accessorise your ensemble with a pair of shades to complete your look. This is also the perfect season to sport that straw hat you have to protect your face from the harmful sun rays.

photo credits: Wikihow

4. Emergency Kit. Better be ready with any emergency and be the hero that saves the day when something unexpected comes up. Why not pack your own medicine kit with remedies for common colds and flu, pain relievers and anti-allergies. I like the spa-in-a bottle by Echo Store, minty relief that smells so good! Power up your kit with other emergency back-ups like a solar powered battery pack for your gadgets, toiletries when the public toilets fail your cleanliness standards and a multi purpose knife in case of a zombie apocalypse. Yes isisingit ko yan. 😉

5. Maps and Apps. Sure its fun to get lost and discover new places or a hole-in-the-wall that serves local flavors of the town you’re at but when you have a few days to spare, getting lost  is not a luxury you can afford. Better to research the best way to your destination and have a map printed out or a screen shot at your phone. I found out that the app Waze is effective within the metro but Google Maps can get you the route you want even at a weak mobile signal.

6. Games. To avoid boredom during long driving hours, one can always resort to games. And trust me, since you’re all in one car, everyone will be game to participate. Games should be pieceless or boardless since you’re mobile.

An example can be the Category Game wherein one person will state a category and all will give things in relation to the category until the last person runs out of answers (eg. Ingredients in Pinakbet, casts of Riverdale, cities in Southeast Asia). The pressure will blank you out despite how easy the category is!

Another game we enjoyed back when we were on the road to Uluwatu Temple in Bali was when our writer friend, Geng, asked “What will your job be at the Post Apocalyptic World and why?”. The answers you get will definitely make you think until you get to your destination. Other quizzes can be found online to challenge your group and have fun!

me and my friends at Ho Chi Minh City Day Tour

7. Finally, Roadtrip Buddies. The best adventures are mostly memorable when you’re with the people you want to be with. Just remember to look after your group and don’t be a burden to anyone. Be on time and be helpful whenever there’s a need to be. Always keep things cool.

If you have more tips about any Road Trips, please feel free to comment below. Now put on your SPFs, turn the radio on and have a great trip!


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